Cecence technology delivers competitive advantage to the Mass Transportation, Construction & Interiors, Space,  Sports & Leisure and Defence Sectors. 

The proven practical approach to FST compliant manufacture and engineering of lightweight components and accumulated industry experience positions Cecence as a leading contributor to industry achieving strategic goals of weight and emission reductions, efficient manufacturing processes and increased sustainability.  This along with their award-winning reputation as game changing innovators makes Cecence the go-to composite partner. 


Part of the team behind the world’s thinnest seatback.

Cecence engineers have already delivered the first fully-composite, FST and 16g HIC compliant “in-flight” seatback, and are now proud to be part of the team delivering the world’s thinnest economy seatback, saving at least 500kg per flight for an A320. 

Economy Seatbacks

The Cecence reputation for ground-breaking engineering has resulted in Cecence shaving off kilos in the race for lighter, robust seatbacks.  Cecence technology also results in superior finishes reducing the need for superfluous shrouding and consolidates multiple components into single parts, saving time, cost and ultimately weight.

Premium Furniture

As variation requirements lead to continued complexity and inefficiency in premium component production, Cecence have proven it is possible to reduce the bill of material count in manufacture, as well as the reality of the organic shapes required for enhanced passenger experience and comfort in premium cabins. Recent developments include the incorporation of connected cabin wiring and ports.


To meet the increasing demand in aerospace for solid or honeycomb core panels, Cecence have installed a rapid response supply line using their snap cure processing technology.  Production can be to a range of thicknesses for standard or legacy components for MRO, galleys, storage areas and even catering trolleys. Manufacture of thermal insulation panels is also available. 


Innovation award winners for saving £1m/10km of installation costs with composite OHLE infrastructure.

 Cecence have developed an award-winning carbon fibre lightweight catenary system and complimentary glass fibre support structures for light rail saving millions in installation and through-life cost, as well as significantly decreasing the environmental impact.   Cecence experience also extends to rolling stock interior panels, flooring, tanks and innovative connected furniture.

Rail Interiors

The award-winning disruptive achievements by Cecence in aerospace  are a natural technology transfer to the rail sector.  Their lightweight, robust FST compliant materials meet rail regulations for components such as seatbacks, seat pans, arm, head and footrests.  As weight saving is becoming increasingly relevant within rail, compliant and sustainable composites are the future for rail interiors.


Composites offer the ideal alternative for rail flooring and interior panelling where weight and through life-cost are a premium.  Composite rail approved materials are not only lighter but have a longer life span due to their innate non-corrosive, non-water absorbing properties.   Cecence is also developing natural fibre and resin systems to further support the reduction of the carbon footprint within rail and construction.  


Cecence have developed and manufactured lightweight components for trackside infrastructure from a fully composite overhead line equipment system including support poles, through to composite footbridges.  Savings are realised through the ease of installation, reduction in component parts and environmental impact as well as significantly reduced through-life costs. 


Negative carbon products for a net-zero future.

Low energy, zero consumables production methods, and a natural fibre that absorbs CO2 and regnererates soil in its growth, delivers negative carbon products that will play a part in revolutionising the building materials of the future.

Collaborative partnerships with other leading sustainability and hemp focused businesses such as Margent Farm and Hemspan enable a collective approach to the development of new natural fibre based materials.


Moulded Panels

Cecence manufacture a corrugated architectural rain screen with Margent Farm.  The original product was developed for the Flat House in Cambridgeshire as part of a vision to effectively ‘grow’ a house from a field of hemp.  The result is a stunning finish on a healthy building that utilises every bit of the hemp plant so that nothing goes to waste.

Flat Panels & Veneers

A sustainable alternative to plastic laminates Cecence’s hemp and bio-resin veneers offer a beautiful and unique finish to be used either with our shiv-cores or on a more conventional substrate.

Sustainable Cores

An eco-friendly alternative to conventional chip-board Cecence’s shiv-board offers a formaldehyde and isocyanate free solution for interiors.  The chip-board can be faced with Cecence’s hemp veneers.



Helping to enhance military deployability and manoeuverability.

Cecence have transferred their ability to solve complex composite materials issues from the commercial sector to the Defence sector. The ability to deliver high-strength, tough, lightweight and fireproof materials is helping to meet challenging weight budgets on land and air platforms, improving system capabilities and reducing logistic burden. 

Gap Crossing

Cecence are engaged with the British Army on delivering lightweight composite alternatives to the in-service fascines currently used by the Royal Engineers. They have demonstrated the ability to double the number of fascines of that can be carried by the Army’s TERRIER Armoured Engineer Vehicle, and thereby considerably enhance Battlegroup manoeuverability.

Ballistic Materials

Using their snap cure resin systems, Cecence can manufacture modular ballistic panels that can be designed for a variety of increasing threat levels. The fire-proof materials are well suited to vehicle and aircraft interiors, whilst the production processes facilitate moulded shapes and rapid manufacturing enhancing forward repair capability whilst reducing logistic burden.

Lightweight cables

Cecence’s technical know-how in pioneering composite yacht rigging and Formula 1 cables is now being applied to defence cabling systems. The ability to swap out traditional, heavy steel cables with composite cables, especially for static uses in equipment lifting and lightweight bridging has the potential to reduce lifting, manpower and logistic requirements.


Enabling UK’s “Iron Man” to reach his world record.

When ground breaking innovation, weight reduction and speed is what is required to win, record breakers such as Richard Browning of  Gravity Industries and the team at Aerocoach with their time trial busting racing bikes, turn to Cecence for rapid, leading edge, yet reliable and efficient engineering experience.


Coming from a background in America’s Cup racing, Cecence are seasoned at engineering marine components from lightweight masts to all composite non corrosive rigging.


Cecence is proud to be a development partner for Aerocoach UK, helping the teams to shave off critical seconds with highly engineered components around the whole bike system.  

Record Breaking

As Richard Browning strives to disrupt the concept of human transportation, Cecence are proud to engineer and manufacture flying suit components – to infinity and beyond!


Bringing durable, lightweight, temperature-stable materials to the commercial space race.

The UK Government is not alone in putting budget and efforts behind their space sector.  With high pressures, temperature variations, very limited margin of error and high cost of failure at stake, Cecence is well positioned to support space agencies with satelitte and communication components, propulsion tubes and fuel tank innovations. 

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