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Bringing sustainable FST compliant materials and the engineering and production support along the full TRL line

Cecence is on a mission to bring the understanding and benefits of sustainable and lightweight composites to industry, explaining how, when and why to consider composites for competitive advantage.


Uniquely developed to make composites more applicable and sustainable.

When the team first looked to manufacture components for aerospace they found nothing to match the stringent qualifications – so they solved the problem – producing amonst other things, the first REACH compliant phenolic pre-preg and most recently FST compliant bio-based PFA systems with more in development focused around sustainability.

Thermoset Materials

 The Cecence R&D team have looked to increase the uptake of composites in aerospace where fire and smoke were barriers to application.  They now offer a 0% formaldehyde phenolic pre-preg, a bio-based epoxy for use where only vertical burn performance is required, a low smoke epoxy (LSEP) and a natural bio-resin (PFA) option with multiple reinforcement options.


Thermoplastic Materials

Cecence have developed a thermoforming epoxy system with a broad range of uses due to their non corrosive properties and resistance to both acids and alkalines.  There are 3 products in the portfolio; K_Chip, K_Plate and K_Rod, delivering excellent shock absorbency and durability with over 50 year life expectancy.  Their moulding temperatures are very low, and allow for a reforming after the material has initially set. 

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Sustainable Materials

With the growing concern around plastics and carbon emissions, Cecence is focused on helping industry to reduce their carbon footprints by developing bio resin systems.  As Margent Farm’s manufacturing partner they have co-developed a hemp and bio resin system which can be processed into flat and corrugated panels suitable for construction.  New materials and products launched in 2022 include hemp and bio-based resin veneers and an eco-friendly  alternative to chip board under their ecocence brand.  The R&D team continue to push boundaries as they look to exploit the benefits of recycled carbon fibres and bio FST compliance for aerospace and rail interiors.


See our thermoplastic in action

K_Series Processing Methods

See how the thermoforming properties of the thermoplastic materials makes them easy to work with.

K_Plate Forming and Re-forming

This video demonstrates how K_Plate processes and then with low heat can be re-formed into further components.


Full range of services for any TRL stage.

Cecence engineers and R&D teams are available to support a project from concept to manufacture, or can work ad-hoc at any point within a project to keep things moving.  Services can be fixed price, fixed scope as a packaged service, or project based.


Manufacture packaged services

Cecence has proven capability to support across TRL 7-9 and up into core MRL levels. Offering Serial production, Material supply, Production Optimisation, Pre-production pilot runs and production machinery. See our manufacturing packaged services below for more detail.

Serial Production

Cecence offers the supply of full serial component production and assembly using a QMS incorporating AS9100D. In-house capacity of 12,000 units per annum with KPI’s and OTIF rate tracking. Production at scale can run on a 6-month or annual cycle, project dependant, shorter runs on request. 

Material Supply

Cecence can supply a range of thermoset, thermoplastic and sustainable resin systems, specifically designed for the mass transportation sectors, where weight, strength and FST compliance are paramount.  They can also advise on the most applicable materials.

Production Optimisation

Cecence looks to reduce the cost and time and simplify the production process to results in a more consistent, more cost and time-efficient route to manufacture of parts at scale. This includes an investigation into materials, processing approach, machinery and line set-up.

Production Machinery

Given that Cecence focus on rapid manufacture and practical design for manufacture, their production lines and technology are optimised for the most efficient production runs.  They have now demonstrated the ability to supply custom machinery fit for purpose for a specific production process.


Production packaged services

The Cecence Development and Production teams assist within projects in TRL stages 4-6 and are available on an ad-hoc fixed price basis to support with Component testings , Material development and Prototype production. See the packaged services for more details below.

Component Testing

Cecence has in-house test capability to static test components for abuse load or cyclic loading. Cecence are also experiencd in Fire Smoke and Toxicity (FST) Indicative and full suite test programs and advocates of NDT testing through the development stages. 

System Development

Cecence R&T team are world class in developing bespoke resin systems that will enable innovative disruption in a market, with fit-for-purpose, industry compliant performance. Today’s systems include sustainable, bio resins and fibres. 

Prototype Production

On receipt of designs, Cecence will confirm that the concept is producible, and will produce a rapid turn-around demonstration model of the component, providing a physical item to handle and to use as a demonstration component for sales support at trade shows etc.


Engineering packaged services

The award winning engineering team support through TRL stages 1-3, offering Development packages, Initial design studies or technical feasabilitiy studies and conceptual design studies amongst other typical services.  More detail on specific packaged services for early TRL stages are available below. 

Development Pack

On the provision of applicable input data, the engineering team will look to work on the structural engineering aspect of the concept, delivering solid modelling, FEA, production costing calculations, tooling costing and relevant solid models.

Technical Feasability

Cecence engineers review initial concepts to test if the component is manufacturable and what it takes to produce the part. Outputs include: weight estimates, indicative ROM production price and first pass of technical performance by first principles.

Conceptual Study

At TRL 1, Cecence engineers take a vague idea and move it into a documented concept for a team to start developing, engaging with idea stakeholders to understand the design parameters and develop the most practical concept. 


Manufacture on demand pre-engineered components.

Cecence has developed a range of components that are ready for manufacture on order or customised by our engineers via our packaged engineering services.

Hemp Panels

Cecence work closely with Cambridgeshire hemp grower and sustainable brand Margent Farm, manufacturing corrugated or flat panels in hemp with a bio resin for a fully bio and sustainable material, suitable for cladding interior and exterior walls and roofing. 


From a history in yacht mast production , the team have developed a glass fibre pole suitable for use for civil lighting, rail OHLE and yachts.  Available in a variety of dimensions.


Durable carbon fascines are less than half the weight of current gap crossing plastic fascines used by the MOD.  Lighter tanks can now double the number of bundles.


As the team that developed F1 wheel tethers, Cecence have created a range of composite, ultra strong cables and cable terminations for rail, defence and civil projects.

Practical, lightweight composites applicable for industry

Cecence has developed and manufactured composites for most industries, see where we have already helped companies to gain a competitive advantage.

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