On 9th July the KTN held their inaugural Nature Inspired Solutions meet Industry Challenges Forum, and Cecence are now part of the Special Interests Group created at the event.

As a sustainability ambassador for Cecence, I was keen to engage with academia, bio chemists and the architects present, to seek out opportunities to engage with a wider network and discover how we might work together, utilising lightweight composite materials and their ability to create natural forms, and further pushing one of our targets to increase the uptake of bio resins and the sustainability of the materials used in composite manufacture.

The KTN NIS Group produced the following statement:

“In the past Biomimicry or Biomimetics started from simple imitation of natural organisms. Over time, it has evolved through modern science and engineering to help us discover new materials, ways of combining nano/microstructures, applications, and alternative ways of production and process design thinking leading to nature inspired or bio inspired engineering. Nature-inspired solutions aim to uncover the underlying mechanisms and apply them in the design of new products, processes or systems in a structured way.

The NIS SIG aims to convene and grow the nature inspired solution community and accelerate innovation through cross-sector collaborations.”

Cecence – “Driving innovation through collaboration”.