Cecence headed straight for Electric Avenue at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed keen to see the latest sustainable offerings from the automotive sector.

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Inside the Fos Future Lab we spoke to London-based Heatherwick Studio about their fully electric ‘Airo’ car which offers autonomous and driver modes, and discussed options of integrating sustainable material options into future designs. The car uses a HEPA filtering system to clean the air as it drives and removes carbon particle pollution from other vehicles. Inside the elegant organic mobile work/lounge space a meeting was in full flow demonstrating its potential as a ‘new room for our lives with a changing view’.

New electric sports cars jostled for position next to Bugattis and Ferraris from the 1960s with McMurtry Automotive demonstrating that an electric car could be every bit as exciting as a more traditional offering in both styling and speed.

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Outside in the more noisy and expected thrust of powerful engines and excitable petrol heads, Gravity’s Richard Browning, who Cecence have been working with on and off ever since he first took off across a field next to our workshop with a rocket strapped to his arm, was soaring once more into the sky delighting a multi generational crowd.

Towards the end of the opening day the latest craze in drifter cars tore up the tarmac and large areas of grass outside Goodwood House, noisily flexing their petrol fuelled muscle. On the far side of the paddock, Electric Avenue made its presence known not with noise and fumes but with a quiet determination, and in the case of Heatherwick Studio’s ‘Airo’ a substantive amount of style.